A Look At THE FLYING SWORDS OF DRAGON INN Tsui Hark & Jet Li’s New 3D Film

Here are the first photos and details about Tsui Hark and Jet Li‘s first 3D film The Flying Swords of Dragon Inn.

Hark has said that he has had to use a different method on the action choreography:

There are three major criteria pertaining to wushu choreography, the exquisiteness and difficulty level of the moves, the set up as a whole, and how to use film to show the characteristics and principles behind wushu. 3D brings about a whole new visual experience, and would ultimately result in actions designed originally for 2D filming losing impact, so, we can’t simply import these three points based on traditional ways of filming, but have to come up with actions that are most suitable for 3D showcase.

Jet Li stars in the film which is a remake of the 1992 pictureDragon Inn. In addition to Li returning, action choreographer Yuen Bun is back and he has promised to raise the bar this time around: 

The sublime state in swordplay only exists in legends, for it’s hard to reach such a perfect swordplay level, only very, very few can accomplish it. As Jet Li is the one using sword this time around, we are able to go out all in designing some even more demanding, new-wave swordplay, and given his experience and calibre, he would definitely not let us down.

Here is what Jet LI had to say about working with the 3D format:

After this film, I suppose my martial arts ability would be improved, for now, I could even get into precise positioning mid-air. Tsui Hark is fond of editing a whole set of action on the spot on the set, and watching the wuxia action through 3D glasses, the feelings of strength and speed are greatly magnified and enhanced, as if everything is taking place just 1m before myself, so I would feel more nervous, and tense too.

With ambitious goals come many challenges for the filmmakers. I am certain that if ever there was team assembled to create an amazing action film in 3D that it is Tsui Hark, Jet Li and the rest of the crew. 
Check out the photos below and let us know what you think!

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