GOATS Gets A Bunch Of New Stars

David Duchovny, Vera Farmiga, Keri Russell, Minnie Driver and Will Arnett have all joined the cast of a new comedy called Goats. They join the already cast Graham Phillips (Evan Almighty) and Ty Burrell who were previously announced. 

Christopher Neil will be making his directorial debut on this film which is based on the Mark Jude Poirier (Smart People) novel of the same title. The story follows 15 year-old, Ellis (Phillips) as he moves from Wendy, his flakey, new age mother’s (Farmiga) South-Western home to an East Coast prep school where his estranged father Frank (Burrell) was once a star student. For Ellis, this means leaving behind the only real dad he has ever known, Goat Man (Duchovny), his pot-smoking, goat herding mentor, and ultimately needing to evaluate his new prep school lifestyle that’s in stark contrast to his stoner upbringing. Rounding out the cast are Keri Russell as Frank’s new wife, Minnie Driver as Wendy’s best friend and yogic advisor Johanna, and Will Arnett as Wendy’s boyfriend Bennett.

The film has a great cast of characters and I am very excited to see Burrell in more roles on the big-screen. He is great in Modern Family and has perfect comic timing. 

Here’s the official description of the book:
Fourteen-year-old Ellis is getting ready to leave the Southwest for a boarding school in the East. This means leaving behind his mother, and the only real father figure he has ever known, Goat Man. Goat Man has done more for Ellis than giving him his first bong hit. He has maintained a home on Ellis’s mom’s property rent-free since Ellis was a child, taking care of small tasks and raising a herd of goats-all the while teaching Ellis the meaning of stability, caretaking and commitment.
While Ellis is in boarding school, making the grade while staying (mostly) high, Goat Man rehearses for a journey he and Ellis will take during Ellis’s spring break, across the border with his pet goats. When they embark on their cross-desert trek, they are forced to reevaluate a relationship they thought was the only thing that would never change in their crazy lives.
Hilarious and intimate, Goats challenges the conventional idea of family and home, while drawing us deeper into Ellis’s journey into manhood. Mark Jude Poirier has an uncanny gift for chronicling the human condition and bringing to life a varied yet dispassionate landscape.
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