New Details Announced About THUNDERCATS Reboot

New details have emerged on the upcoming Thundercats cartoon series reboot.

Series producer Ethan Spaulding shared some new details to MTV Splashpage today about the show.
He acknowledged that the new series will play up the anime roots of the series and revealed news they they are updating characters. Tygra, was singled out by Spaulding as having an updated backstory.

“The consensus was that he was the boring guy of the old show. So we wanted to make him more interesting and gave him another dimension. But don’t worry — he still has the whip.”

They plan to make Lion-O younger and Panthro older, but Spaulding promises that all changes will be organic to the new storyline. It was also revealed that we’ll be seeing Snarf, WilyKit and WilyKat. They won’t appear right away in the series though.

Check out the full interview at MTV Splashpage. What are your thoughts of this news?

Source: SuperHeroHype

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