SUPERMAN’s female lead to be a villain

Reports have hit the web, that the female lead is going to be a villain from Kryptonia!

As you know, Alice EveDiane Kruger and Rosamund Pike are at the top of the list to star opposite Henry Cavill in Zack Snyder‘s Superman. When we reported this news, the role had not been confirmed. The only thing we knew is that it was not the role of Lois Lane. 

People were going crazy reporting that Lois Lane wouldn’t be in this movie, but get real we know there will not be a Superman movie without Lois Lane. Superman would not be the same without Lane, so let’s get that out of our heads, she will be in the film.
This leaves the question of what role the actresses above are in the running for. Today our friends at Latino Review shared some info they got from a “most trusted reliable source” that reveals the character is going to be a Kryptonian villainess named URSA.
URSA appeared in both Superman: The Movie and Superman II. The character was played by British actress Sarah Douglas at the time. 
If URSA is going to be in the reboot, does that mean that ZOD will be in the movie as well? You may recall that two-thirds of the criminals from Krypton were banished by Jor-El to the Phantom Zone. Despite Snyder’s previous statements that he wouldn’t be, but you never know. Let’s get real, they would never tell the  truth so early on in production when story details are still being worked out and finalized? Probably not, at least I wouldn’t say anything.
What do you all think? If URSA is in the film do you think ZOD will be in it as well?
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