All new ‘ALWAYS SUNNY’ preview/review

This week, ITS ALWAYS SUNNY highlights a true American tradition, child pageantry.  Yes, toddlers and tiara’s receives a much different spin when the gang from Philly decides to take over a beauty pageant for little girls.  Charlie, Mac and Dennis throw themselves into the role of producing all of the music, writing the lyrics and organizing the on-stage dance numbers.  The beauty festivities start out going pretty well until they unwittingly cross some boundaries which they soon realize shouldn’t have when it involves young kids.

After a heated exchange with one of the young contestants, Dee decides to take her on by forcing her sister into entering the pageant and competing as well.  Having been in competitions before, she gets a little too much involved herself while Frank is afraid of being accused of “diddling” the children.

If you have any interest in these kinds of child beauty contests and especially if you love to make fun of them, this is a definitely an episode for you.  The comedy is high and the awkwardness is even higher.  Check out the preview of “Frank’s Little Beauties” below and don’t miss the entire all-new episode tomorrow night on FX at 10pm.  After the show, don’t forget to check back here and leave your thoughts about what you loved about the show.

“Knock Knock”
“Who’s there?”
“Bad Breath”

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