H2O’S "Don’t Forget Your Roots" CD/LP Available November 15th – Three Bonus 7 Inch Records Announced!

H2O has been a mainstay in hardcore and punk since their inception back in 1995 and have had many influences along the way. The band is thrilled to pay homage to those influential artists by covering their songs on the forthcoming album, Don’t Forget Your Roots, which will be available November 15th from Bridge Nine Records, with three special 7inch releases to be released beforehand!

H2O LA 7 inch available now featuring the songs “Beverly Hills” (Circle Jerks), “Journey To The End of East Bay” (Rancid), “Sick Boy” (Social Distortion)

H2O NYC 7 inch coming soon featuring the songs “Hard Times” (Cro Mags), “Friends Like You” (Sick Of It All), “Pride”(Madball)

H2O DC 7 inch coming soon featuring the songs “Safe” (Dag Nasty), “Said Gun” (Embrace), “Understand” (Government Issue)
H2O Don’t Forget Your Roots CD/LP/Digital available Nov 15th 
1) Bad Brains – Attitude
2) 7 Seconds – Satyagraha
3) Madball – Pride
4) Descendents – Get The Time
5) Embrace – Said Gun
6) Ramones – I Wanna Live
7) Gorilla Biscuits – Cats and Dogs
8) Mighty Mighty Bosstones – Someday I Suppose
9) Rancid – Journey to the End
10) Dag Nasty – Safe
11) Social Distortion – Sick Boy
12) Sick Of It All – Friends Like You
13) The Clash – Train in Vain
14) Verbal Assault – Scarred
15) Warzone – Don’t Forget The Struggle, Don’t Forget The Streets

Sep 23 H2o (w/ Descendents)
New York, NY @ Roseland Ballroom
Sep 24 H2o 
Mesa, AZ @ Within These Walls 2011 @ Nile Theater
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