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Soundtrack Review: DR. WHO Series 6

Fans of DR WHO, rejoice! The Series 6 Soundtrack is due for release on February 28, and it’s a bumper edition!

The soundtrack, which spans over 2 discs, was composed by Murray Gold and the BBC National Orchestra of Wales. Gold has been responsible for the music on DR WHO since 2005, and has received much critical acclaim; this latest soundtrack is no different.

This is a soundtrack on a grand scale; subtlety is not its strong point. More or less all the tracks are atmospheric, grandiose and exhilarating , just like the show itself. “Day of the Moon” in particular is so grand and booming I was sure it was going to break my speakers!

However, the soundtrack does have its, uh, quieter moments; “My TARDIS” has a sentimental, cheerful start, but even that gives way to more ominous territory. “Run, Sexy” also works on the big build-up, crushing finale formula, except that the start of it feels like a drug-induced trip, and then gives way to a finale which could quite comfortably feature in a BBC documentary called “The Dawn of Time” or something similar.

This is a great soundtrack, and is certain to be a fan-favourite, but therein lies its problem; I’m not a DR WHO fan, so I struggled to ‘get’ it. Sure, I could appreciate the arrangements (I absolutely adore string sections in ANY song), but I don’t think I would feel the same way about it as a fan of the show would; also, it was incredibly long. If you’re a fan, great : you will absolutely love this. But, if you aren’t a “Whovian”, I’d give it a miss.



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