The 10 Highest-Grossing Sci-Fi Franchises Ever

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Sci-fi films evoke intrigue like no other movie genre with members of the public.

A sizeable chunk of film fans love nothing more than being whisked away to another galaxy or to another time in history.

Add in a load of special effects and a cluster of much-loved characters and before you know it you’ve got the makings of a box-office smash hit like the following, which are the 10 highest-grossing sci-fi franchises ever, with figures courtesy of boxofficemojo.com.

Star Wars (Over $1.9billion)

The movie saga that became a cultural phenomenon spawned six films spanning 28 years from the late 1970s to the late 2008 and is one of the highest-grossing film franchises ever. Opinions are divided on the most recent three releases, but there can be no doubting that the original trilogy is pure class.

Star Trek (Over $1.01 billion)

A cult following of fans adore the Star Trek movies and the multitude of spin-off TV series. It’s 33 years since the original Star Trek film hit the big screen and movie number 12 in the franchise is due out next year, meaning Captain Kirk and friends remain as popular as ever.  With the release of Star Trek 2 on the cards this could likely shoot up at the end of 2013!

Jurassic Park (Over $760 million)

What’s not to like about a theme park housing all manner of dinosaurs that have been brought back to life? Jurassic Park blew cinema audiences away in 1993 when they witnessed a Tyrannosaurus running riot.

The Matrix (Over $590 million)

Providing a real thought-provoking concept, The Matrix has more twists and turns than a twisty-turny thing and is undoubtedly Keanu Reeves at his best. The Matrix films can be difficult to follow at certain points, but stick with it and you’ll definitely be rewarded.

Terminator (Over $510 million)

The battle between cyborg assassins and humans has spilled over into four films in total, although it’s the original Terminator movie that remains a cult classic as Arnold Schwarzenegger really made a name for himself.

Alien (Over $470 million)

Containing stunning visuals, brilliant shock moments and a female hero rather than macho male, Alien highlighted the darker side of space exploration and the original even won an Oscar. Countless sequels have followed along with prequel Prometheus, which is currently doing well at the box office.

Planet of the Apes (Over $438m)

A ground-breaking original with a fantastic ending, Planet of the Apes was released in 1968 and was followed by five sequels in the 1970s, a remake in the early 2000s and the hugely-successful Rise of the Planet of the Apes, which came out in 2011.

Back To The Future (Over $416million)

Back To The Future has it all – special effects, a simmering love interest, comedy, action and the coolest thing ever…hoverboards! Sadly, we’re still waiting for hoverboards to be invented, so for now we’ll have to make do with watching Michael J. Fox cruise around on one.

Predator (Over $264million)

Recently celebrating 25 years since it first came out, the original Predator film has so many awesome one-liners thanks to Arnie, Carl Weathers, Jesse Ventura and friends to ensure it remains a firm favourite, while the subsequent spin-offs have been equally action packed.

Godzilla (Over $150 million)

This classic monster movie epic started back in the mid-1950s and the giant Godzilla creature has gone on to appear to over 20 films since, pretty much destroying a host of major cities around the globe in the process.

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