STAR WARS Digital Paintings by Livio Ramondelli

These Star Wars digital paintings are a thing a beauty! With the announcement of Star Wars Episode VII finally snagging a director, there has been much speculation on the web about what characters (and actors) would be included in the tentatively dated 2015 return of everyone’s favorite space opera.

But no one has really mentioned Boba Fett.

According to artist Livio Ramondelli (and Star Wars enthusiasts/Expanded Universe fanatics everywhere), Boba Fett did not meet his ultimate demise in the Sarlacc pit.  Many-a-geek have tried to visualize just how Fett managed to survive and this is a great representation of just how awesome Boba Fett was.  This digital painting almost looks like concept or storyboard art for a movie.  I smell a flashback scene! Head over to to check out more of his work.

Check out the Star Wars Digital Paintings below:grievousFINALSMALL1

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