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When you’re a cop fighting crime, whichever city you’re in, whatever case you are solving, however devious your nemesis may be, it is always good to have someone who’s got your back. With one of the best cop duos in recent history out on Blu-ray and DVD this week in End of Watch, we take a look at the partners in crime fighting, both past and present, and why when it comes to getting the bad guys, two is always better than one.


Taylor and Zavala from End of Watch


Taylor and Zavala may have grown up in different neighborhoods but their bond on the beat is as strong as a rock. When the going gets tough they have each other’s back, which comes in handy when they come up against an L.A. cartel hell-bent on revenge.


Riggs and Murtaugh from Lethal Weapon


To say these two have different styles is to put it mildly. Murtaugh (Danny Glover) defines steady and calm whereas Riggs (Mel Gibson) is the ultimate wildcard. So when they are paired together the terms ‘unstoppable force’ and ‘immovable object’ spring to mind. Their differences are set aside while they investigate a dangerous drug dealer, and so begins a beautiful friendship.


Turner and Hooch from Turner and Hooch


You can’t get more mismatched than Det. Scott Turner (Tom Hanks) and Dogue de Bordeaux Hooch. Turner is the compulsively neat and tidy detective paired with Hooch, the slobbering dog who likes to chew everything. But when Hooch helps Turner crack a local drug-ring they form a bond that can’t be broken.


Pappas and Utah from Point Break


Johnny Utah (Keanu Reeves), a rookie FBI agent, goes undercover in a surfing community with help from a more experienced partner, Agent Pappas (Gary Busey). Together, the two aim to bring down a gang of bank robbers. Their different styles and attitudes cause fireworks throughout, but in the end they form a partnership that gets the job done.


Nicholas Angel and Danny Butterman from Hot Fuzz


When highly decorated London policeman Sgt. Nicholas Angel (Simon Pegg) is teamed up with bumbling Danny Butterman (Nick Frost) it is safe to say Angel’s patience is going to be tested. However after bonding over ‘Point Break’ they unravel a web of murder and lies that has been kept quiet in the charming little village in which they work.


Carter and Lee from Rush Hour


Cultures clash and tempers flare as Detective Inspector Lee, a Hong Kong detective and Detective James Carter, a big-mouthed work-alone Los Angeles cop are forced to work together. To catch the criminals and save the eleven-year-old daughter of the Chinese consul Soo Yung they must use their differences to their advantage, building a lasting bond in the process.


Jay and Kay from Men in Black 


Agent Kay (Tommy Lee Jones) and former police officer turned recruit Agent Jay (Will Smith) handle extra-terrestrial criminals in very different ways. But when the ultimate cockroach threatens the earth’s safety they must work together to brings this bad-ass-bug down, wiping numerous memories in the process.


White and Exley from L.A. Confidential


In this film-noir set in 1950s L.A., by-the-book newly promoted Lt. Edmund Exley (Guy Pearce) just wants to do the right thing, even if it makes him very unpopular with the other officers. His new partner Bud White (Russell Crowe) is a cop who hits first and asks questions later. When a gruesome case brings them together they must put their differences aside to uncover a ring of deceit they could never have imagined.


Slater and Michaels from Superbad


When Officers Slater (Bill Hader) and Michaels (Seth Rogen) are on the case, you’re probably safer with the criminals. More likely to have shooting contests with minors than crack any case they are bumbling at best. But when Fogell AKA McLovin (Cristopher Mintz-Plasse) falls foul to a mugging when buying booze underage, these two clowns show him the fun side of wearing the badge.

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