Cereal Killers Art by Joe Simko

Horror movie icons jump from the big screen to the cereal box with these Cereal Killers art pieces by Joe Simko. Simko is a freelance artist based out of New York city who specializes in colorful rock posters and paintings. Imagine all of your favorite horror movie icons animated and on cereal boxes, and that is what cereal killers is all about. The set includes Freddy Kruegger from Nightmare on Elm Street, Alien, Jason Voorhees, Michael Meyers and more.  You can check out all of his work at

The cereal killers below are part of a trading cards set. There are many more cards available in the first set, and a second set is currently available. Check out the cereal killers below:

cereal-killers-1 cereal-killers-2 cereal-killers-4 cereal-killers-5 cereal-killers-6 cereal-killers-7 cereal-killers-8

What do you tink of this cereal killers art? You can buy the second set of cereal killers trading cards here.

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