Cosplay Photos – Alien and Predator Best Friends

Here are some of the coolest cosplay photos I have seen. They show us that Alien and the Predator are actually friends  in real life.  You can see them  playing video games, getting tattoos, and going to happy hour. I love both the origin movies, but personally hate the AVP ones. The details are amazing on these costumes by Our hats are off to cosplayers and deviantART users PedroTpredator (Mark) and Rex-equinox (Abi T Xeno).

Alien and Predator Cosplay Photos:

alien-predator-cosplay-costumes-8 alien-predator-cosplay-costumes-3 alien-predator-cosplay-costumes-2 alien-predator-cosplay-costumes-5 alien-predator-cosplay-costumes-6 alien-predator-cosplay-costumes-7 alien-predator-cosplay-costumes-1

If you were doing your own cosplay, what type of pictures would you take and where you could go in public?

Source – BitRebels

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