Marvel Superhero Illustrations by Gary Deslauriers

Check out these Marvel superhero illustrations. Thor, Spider-Man, Wolverine, Daredevil, and Elektra are included in these sweet Marvel Superhero Illustrations by Gary Deslauriers. I am extremely happy with the way that the Marvel Superhero movies have been released in theaters lately. The Avengers is not only my favorite movie from last year, but my favorite superhero movie period.

Marvel knows what they are doing by releasing the films in phases. This has allowed for each movie to see it’s full potential at the box office, while giving the fans something to look forward to. The down side is that I seem to always stay after a film has ended to see if there is a sneak peek of the next movie.

Check out the Marvel Superhero Illustrations below:

marvel-heroes-1 marvel-heroes-2 marvel-heroes-4 marvel-heroes-3

Source – HeroChan

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