Marvel Expands With a Little Help From Deadpool And Thor


The excitement is continuing to grow around Marvel’s latest superhero to be turned into a movie. The new superhero on the Hollywood block’s popularity is the highest it’s been since his first comic was launched in the 90s. And who can blame people, the story of a disfigured and mentally unstable mercenary with the superhuman ability of an accelerated healing factor is a fascinating one.


Earlier this month the first photos of lead star Ryan Reynolds on location were leaked to the press, and the makeup looks incredible. The Hollywood heartthrob looked almost unrecognisable under the scarred prosthetic make-up.


Whilst the movie isn’t due out until early next year, there’s already been enough excitement to force Activision to release their Deadpool Xbox One and PS4 games this month. The game has been ported from the original Xbox 360 and PS3 title which hasn’t been available to buy for nearly two years. The game was pulled off the market along with a number of other Marvel titles as popularity in the older generation consoles dwindled. The original game got 6/10 from its review from the IGN website, which isn’t bad for a game based on a Marvel franchise, but the new trailers for this game look even better.


To keep the diehard comic book fans happy, Marvel have also announced that Rob Liefeld will return to create a new graphic novel based on the character. Liefeld wrote the original Deadpool series and will work with two new illustrators to create possibly the most detailed adventure with the hero yet.


But whilst most of the spotlight might be on Deadpool at the moment, the popularity of another Marvel is growing with a lot of momentum as well. Thor has recently arrived on Netflix, which is winning him a whole new group of fans which might have missed him in the cinema.


His popularity hasn’t gone unnoticed by a lot of big brands. The hero has been given his own Thor themed online slot game on Spin Palace alongside their wide range online blackjack games. Players can enjoy all of the iconic graphics of their favourite comic book whilst enjoying some exciting slot game play. Toy manufacturers are also continuing to sell a lot of costumes and toys to children who are still idolising the hero 4 years after his original movie. Even the man who plays him in the movies Chris Hemsworth recently revealed his daughter India loves dressing up as his superhero alter ego.


That popularity is only set to grow further when Thor 3 is released. It’s rumoured that the movie will feature the first female villain ever to feature in the Marvel films. So it looks like Chris Hemsworth daughter won’t be the only girl going to watch this next film.


So whether it’s Deadpool or Thor, it seems nearly everyone is getting excited about what Marvel has to show us over the coming months and years.

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