X-Wing Bunk Bed With Cockpit for Watching TV

A lucky kid sleeps in this X-wing bunk bed built by his father DarthDaddy42. The X-wing bunk bed has a cockpit for watching TV,  movable wings, plenty of blinking lights, and an R2-D2 copilot cooler for drinks. This is truly one of the luckiest kids in the galaxy. If you are a fan of Star Wars, and have a father that is great at woodworking, then this is your next birthday gift. I know that an X-wing bunk bed would be on my wishlist if I were still a kid.

Check out the pictures thanks to Geekologie below:

x-wing-bed-1 x-wing-bed-2 x-wing-bed-5 x-wing-bed-6 x-wing-bed-7 x-wing-bed-8 x-wing-bed-9 x-wing-bed-10 x-wing-bed-11

Would you sleep in this X-wing bunk bed? If not, what type of geek movie-themed bunk bed would you want?

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