STAR TREK Art by Matt Ferguson Prepares You To Go INTO DARKNESS

This Star Trek art set by Matt Ferguson prepares you for Star Trek Into Darkness. Our friends at decided to review each of the original movies and include some amazing Star Trek art by Ferguson. The set includes posters from Star Trek: The Motion Picture, Wrath of Khan, The Search for Spock, and The Voyage Home. My personal favorite out of these is Wrath of Khan. I love the originals, but am so happy with what J.J. Abrams has done with the Star Trek universe. Keep reading to check out the Star Trek art and commentary about each piece.

Click Each Star Trek poster art for the larger size:


Via CromeYellow:

From Matt: I’m a life long Trekkie and a dream project for me would be to create posters for the original crew films (including the reboots). I wanted to make a set of posters that had a uniform size and composition while still staying true to each individual films themes and story.

About the first poster: I have always loved the sense of adventure in The Motion Picture and the model effects work is some of my favourite ever, so I wanted to carry that through into my poster. I thought it would be cool to show the magnitude of V’ger by having Ilia and the V’ger ship dwarf the Enterprise and her crew, and then to tie it altogether the Enterprise replaces the red crystal that is on Ilia’s neck.


Via CromeYellow:

From Matt: The Wrath Of Khan is my personal favorite Star Trek film so it was a daunting task for me to create a poster for it. I did create a Khan poster several years ago, but I was always unhappy with how it turned out… this was a perfect opportunity for me to revisit the film and go at the poster all guns blazing!

The title says it all and for me to be happy with the poster I had to really get Khans likeness perfect. I wanted him to be menacing while also showing no emotion on his face, so in order to achieve this I had to concentrate on his eyes. It took a lot of work and revisions but I am finally happy with how it turned out!


Via CromeYellow:

From Matt: The Search For Spock is probably the best of the “odd” numbered Trek films (but I really love them all!!). I have always loved the operatic scale of the film and the fact that Kirk had the brass balls to blow the Enterprise up. Without a doubt I knew I had to paint the Enterprise falling to her demise. I wanted to get the Genesis planet into the composition as well as it is the central location to the film. Also on this one I was oddly influenced by the classic posters for Rosemary’s Baby and Empire Of The Sun!


Via CromeYellow:

From Matt:“There be Whales here!” Star Trek IV is a very different movie to the rest of the films in the series, but I still wanted my poster to fit with my posters as a whole. With this in mind I thought it best to concentrate on the elements of peril in the film by showing the crashing Bird Of Prey. I also needed to hint at elements of the plot, for example, this film is more earthbound and has Whales! I had great fun watching the film again, what a caper!

Which of the above is your favorite Star Trek art and movie?

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