Propaganda Geek Art by Aaron Wood

Here is a collection of propaganda geek art by Massachusetts artist Aaron Wood. Wood was recently highlighted in an Artist Focus by OTLGaming. The collection of art here includes pieces inspired by Pac-Man, Legend of Zelda, Doctor Who, Super Mario Bros., and more.  You can buy Woods art on his Etsy Shop, which includes Video Game Propaganda, Sci Fi Posters, and more.

Here is a bit from the interview by OTLGaming:

Your Propaganda series of designs capture the feel of WWII propaganda posters perfectly, where did you get the idea to do these? Do you plan to do anymore?
I got the idea from the “war” that goes on over on Google+. People over there generally dislike Facebook, Twitter, anything Apple, etc. I felt that if they wanted to make it a virtual war, I’d make up some propaganda to go with it. I definitely plan on making more. Always have something in the works!

Many of your designs have a retro familiarity to them, mixing modern themes (i.e. movies, commercial brands, etc) with visuals from the past, where did this idea come from?
People seem to love anything retro these days. When I chose the war theme, the old propaganda posters of WWII just seemed to fit as a jumping off point.

Check out the Propaganda Geek Art below:









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