Disney Minimalist Movie Art

Check out this Disney minimalist movie art for you to check out. Disney movies are often the first movie that you see as a kid. My parents too k me to see Bambi as my first ever theater going experience. It is amazing how much time it took to create these classic films. Disney is able to crank out more movies now, but nothing beats some of the classic animated films. The art is by French artist Eloise aka  Citron-Vert, and you can check out more of her work on deviantART. Bambi, Peter Pan, Aladdin, Fox and the Hound, Cinderrella and others are included in this collection. Keep reading to check out the Disney minimalist movie art.

I love the Bambi and Cinderella art the most, but they are all pretty cool. Minimalist art is some of my favorite art because the fact it is understated makes it stand out even more.


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