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Enter to Win one of two awesome t-shirts from! To help kick-off Comic-Con we have partnered with  for your chance to win one of two t-shirts. We have one Man of Steel and one Iron Man t-shirt to giveaway. The photo above is from DeviantArt. Keep reading to find out how to enter!

Who would win in an epic battle— Clark Kent or Tony Stark?

After two of the world’s favorite superheroes spent the summer duking it out in the box-office, now’s your chance to put the Man of Steel and Iron Man toe to toe in a battle royal for your vote of confidence!

I will start off by by giving you my thoughts on who would win. I think Superman would win any battle hands down. Think about it, bullets bounce off of him, he can fly fast enough to reverse time. Yeah, Iron Man can fly fast too, but that is pretty bad ass. Prove me wrong in the comments below.


One winner for each shirt will be chosen at random from the pool of votes for each superhero. Oh and while there will be two winners among us mere mortals, the superhero with the most votes WINS THE BATTLE! You MUST use the entry form below, and leave a comment answering the question in the comment section below.

Enter To Win Below:

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