Jedi Michonne – WALKING DEAD and STAR WARS Mashup Art

Jedi Michonne takes The Walking Dead and mixes it with Star Wars. I love Star Wars, but I also love The Walking Dead so this is the perfect mashup. This art by CastleMcQuade imagines what it would be like if Jedi Michonne were to be battling a zombie outbreak on Tatooine. If you love Star Wars and The Walking Dead than this Jedi Michonne art is a must-own. You can buy yours on Etsy today.

Here is a description of Jedi Michonne:

[box style=”quote”]Tatooine has been infected with zombie stormtroopers. Who you gonna call? Michonne from The Walking Dead of course! Pay attention JJ Abrams. Given her prowess with a samurai blade, I always picture her with a lightsaber. We all know she’s a total badass, but now she has interstellar credentials. She even has a pelt of decapitated bounty hunter heads – Bossk, Dengar and she’s about to collect IG-88’s tin noggin. Michonne has this cloak of mystery around her so I imagined her as a bounty hunter to muddy the Jedi waters. I see her as a mercenary of sorts, not always towing the Jedi line note for note (perhaps there was a falling out) but she’s on the side of good when the sugar honey ice tea hits the fan, I think…



Full bleed giclée print
300 gsm fine art rag
Chromolife 100 Archival Inks
Hand signed and Dated[/box]

Check out the artwork below:

Connect with the Artist:

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Jim Napier

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