PACIFIC RIM – Todd Slater Limited Edition Poster Art

Pacific Rim battled it’s way into theaters this past week. Today Odd City Entertainment has released some awesome Limited Edition poster art by rock poster artist, Todd Slater. Keep reading to read the official press release, and to check out the posters.

Official Press Release:

Just as OddCity Entertainment began their licensed limited edition print series for Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures Pacific Rim with an epic Jaeger print, they close it with a symbolic hand numbered and signed Gipsy Danger print from world renowed artist, Todd Slater. Each work of art took inspiration from various aspects of Oscar® nominated director Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim to retell the story in screen printed glory.

Roman Morales, Odd City CEO, summed up this series of art, “When we picked up the license for Pacific Rim, we were so excited to be working with Guillermo del Toro and his team. We knew that we had to deliver something very special. The decision was made very early that we would do a series of prints but, we didn’t want them all to be the same. So, we set out to curate a series of different styles, themes and artists to show the complex nature this film embodies. Gabz brilliantly evoked WW-II style propoganda posters with his print, James Fosdike’s art tapped into the emotion and awe of the film, N.E. explored the concept of mind-melding in detailed metallic ink, Graham Erwin appealed to our own childhood fascination through his illustrations of monsters and machines and, with a beautiful foil variant, Todd Slater emphasized the enormity of the Kaiju threat and the Jaegers built to defend the human race.”

Todd Slater, the artist commissioned by Odd City to close their series, gave insight into his inspiration for this project, “When I first began seeing the early images for Pacific Rim, I was immediately struck by the scale of the Jaegers versus the humans. These pictures served as a reminder of how fragile human life is and I decided to create my image around this thought. I wanted to depict these giant machines as the protectors of humanity from the mysterious beasts that have emerged from a portal beneath the ocean.”

Check out the Todd Slater Poster Art below:

Todd-Slater-Regular Todd-Slater-Variant-Foil




Release and Purchase Information:

The Todd Slater limited edition Pacific Rim prints will go on sale on 7/16 at a random time via the Odd City web store: . Follow them on Twitter @OddCityNews

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