SDCC 2013 Adult Swim Roundup: Hot Package, Rick & Morty, Previews

San Diego Comic Con just wrapped up. It was a weekend that I’m sure was amazing for everyone who was there. We weren’t, but we know y’all had a grand ole time, and we’re happy for you. Sunday marked the end of the 2013 pop culture fest, and marked the beginning of an interval between cons as we wait patiently for Dragon*Con coming up at the end of August, and then the big shindig at the Jacob Javitz Center, New York Comic Con, in October. We’ll see you at both.

But, that’s all in the future while SDCC is in the now. Well, in the past, but it’s still fresh on everyone’s minds and there’s stuff ripe for the newsin’. Not a lot of news came out of SDCC on the Adult Swim front. The network had a spa booth with massages so people could relax for a minute in the middle of a hectic day. If you wanna see pictures, hit up the Adult Swim Facebook. There’s Venture Bros news, but you’ll find out about that soon. Bizarro’s on that news, getting it to you ASAP. But what did come out, we have for you here. This is what you missed if you missed the con. Enjoy.


So, you may have heard Derrick Beckles of TV Carnage and Tim & Eric’s Abso Lutely Productions are working hand in hand to bring you a new show soon entitled Hot Package. We knew already that the show is a faux Entertainment Tonight type of show from/set in Canada, and that it’ll probably be pretty weird. Beckles had a panel with Eric Andre to show off the new show, and The Onion’s serious, actual entertainment news branch, The AV Club, was there to witness it. They described what they saw:

Even with established, long-running shows like Venture Bros. under its belt, Adult Swim continues to take risks. Derrick Beckles’ Hot Package, done in the style of a retro, Canadian version of Entertainment Tonight, will premiere on Adult Swim sometime this year. One clip shown at Comic-Con starts with a clip from the 90s of a couple making out in a beach condo, then having sex framed by clip art of roses. The phone rings. We cut to a mashup of obscure, vintage scenes of people answering the phone: a man alone in an office, another man in a different office with a couple, and an Asian man who then cuts his own wrist off with a mezzaluna.

It’s unhinged.

Y’all ready for that? We’ll tell you when it’ll hit your screen when we get more details on the show, of course.


Dan Harmon has his old job back making a show about some friends who meld so well together and are really more of a dysfunctional family with immense love for one another as they go through community college for NBC that you really should watch (I’m talking about this thing called Community). Justin Roiland plays a bunch of characters in a handful of cartoons, including the always-screaming Lemongrab in Adventure Time. The duo, old friends from olden times of Channel 101, still have time to put together a little show named Rick & Morty for Adult Swim, though.

Harmon was at the Rick & Morty panel on Saturday at SDCC to discuss the new show and what it’ll be like. The show, starring Roiland as both titular characters, is about Morty, a nervous little kid being dragged around into bizarre adventures by his once-brilliant now-insane grandfather, Rick. The Hollywood Reporter wrote about the panel and some of the info everyone in attendance learned about the show.

We now know the cast, which includes, of course, Roiland as both Rick and Morty, Chris Parnell as Rick’s dad, Sarah Chalke, Spencer Grammer, Brandon Johnson, Ryan Ridley, Kari Wahlgren, and Harmon himself. From THR, Roiland speaks on how the project came to be and what he’s hoping for it:

“Dan and I got together and merged our different sensibilities and created a show where he boxed in all my insanity,” Roiland said of the show’s beginning. “At its core, it’s about a crazy genius scientist estranged from his family who shows up and moves in with them and takes on his idiot grandson as his apprentice.”

“We’re hoping this is like The Simpsons of Adult Swim,” Roiland said, noting that the series is a grounded family comedy mixed with a mad genius scientist. “We try to hit as many sci-fi movie types throughout the course of the season.”

Take a look at Rick & Morty and keep your eyes peeled for premiere info in the future:



The other day, Emmy nominations came out, and Robot Chicken’s DC Comics special garnered a nomination for outstanding voice over performance. The day before SDCC began, Entertainment Weekly got a head start on the big news, announcing what the RC crew no doubt also announced again at their panel– there’ll be a second special.

Robot Chicken DC Comics Special II: Villains in Paradise will premiere on the network next year, and it’ll be pretty bad guy heavy this time. The script is written and voices are being done, so get ready. If you liked the first one, you’ll probably be pretty into this one. Villains are always better.


Brad Neely’s hit China, IL returns soon with half hour episodes and some new cast members with names like Hannibal Buress. The Aqua [insert name here] crew is also back soon donning another new name, Aqua TV Show Show. If you’re craving newness, take a peek at the preview videos the network showed off at SDCC:


Any other SDCC Swim news we missed? Let us know. We’ll let you know if we find any new stuff out, too. Let’s work together.

Keep your eyes peeled here, on our Twitter, and wherever else just in case we have some new info for you. When Adult Swim posts the panels, we’ll post them here as well so you can check them all out. And we’ll see you at Dragon*Con and NYCC in the coming months.

Huge kudos to The AV Club, Entertainment Weekly, and The Hollywood Reporter for the bits of info.

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