Iconic Movie Cars – GHOSTBUSTERS, TAXI DRIVER and More

You will love these iconic movie cars if you are a fan of film or a fan of cars. Jesús Prudencio designed this collection that includes the cars from Ghostbusters, Taxi Driver, Little Miss Sunshine, The Shining, Back to the Future and Goldfinger. You can buy prints on his site.  Keep reading to check out the art below.

About the Art:

Cars And Films is a little project by me, Jesús Prudencio.

I love films and cars!

I’m a graphic, web designer and illustrator from Badajoz,
currently living in Seville, Spain.

I have a Bachelor’s Degree of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from the University of Seville.

I’ve worked in several studios as Fabulario (a graphic design studio) as co-founder and creative director. Now, I’m a freelance graphic designer.


Which of these iconic movie cars would you like to drive?

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The Author

Jim Napier

Jim Napier

Lover of movies and The Big Lebowski.