Info on New Squids & Aqua TV Show Show: Plots, Threadless Contest, Skynyrd

It’s almost time. The landscape of television will begin to shift. We’ll come out of the beginning-of-summer TV doldrums, with seasons ending and new summer replacements beginning. We’ll get into the late-summer-to-early-fall schedule, where the leaves begin to die and the big names return. August 11th will mark the return of multiple television shows that will usher in a whole new season of entertainment on the tube. That’s right: Breaking Bad is back. But so are Squidbillies and the Aqua Teens. Those two are what we’re here to talk about. Not the other one.

August 11th at midnight, Aqua TV Show Show, the newest season with the newest name for the longest running Adult Swim original, and Squidbillies will return for brand new seasons back-to-back on Adult Swim. Wanna know what’s in store for the new batches of episodes? Thanks to, we have some of the deets (or details, as it is so commonly known). Enjoy:

  • Both shows will have new music for their themes: Aqua TV Show Show has a brand new theme song by Flying Lotus, while Squidbillies will see a whole new batch of cover versions of the Squids theme song(s) by bands like Atlanta outfit Black Lips and the iconic Lynyrd Skynyrd. They actually got Skynyrd. Yeah.
  • Some of what we’ll see on Aqua TV Show Show this season:

    Aqua TV Show Show finds our favorite fast-food trio starting a bakery for dogs, hoping to make some serious dough in Manhattan’s upscale ‘Tribeca’ neighborhood. There won’t be a dry eye in the audience when Frylock’s secret recipe is stolen by a rival bakery.

  • Adult Swim and Threadless will be having an Aqua tie-in contest. Starting August 8th, Adult Swim and Threadless will be having a t-shirt design challenge for anyone who wants to make an Aqua Teen-inspired shirt design. Any artists who want to join will submit their shirts to from the 8th until the 29th, and the winners will be sold by Threadless. Also, two grand prize winners will get an Adult Swim prize pack and cash. What the prize pack will include and details about the contest are unknown so far, but once we know exactly what’s up and what you’ll need to do (and of course, what you’ll win) we’ll let you know.
  • Some of what you’ll enjoy on Squidbillies this season:

    This time around, Rusty becomes a drone pilot, Early is proclaimed space king, Sheriff runs for re-election, and the ghost of Early’s father returns with a vengeance.

  • Squidbillies will have 10 new episodes this season.

There you have it. The two big Swim titles are coming back, and they’re coming back with a boom. Once you’re done taking in the meth-making adventures of Hal from Malcolm in the Middle, flip over to Adult Swim for brand new television that’s sure to be enjoyable and tasty.

August 11th at Midnight, only on you-know-where (Adult Swim, duh).

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