New York Comic Con 2013: Hey Kids, Panels!

New York Comic Con 2013 is fast approaching. It’s less than a month away! The con is from October 10th – 13th. Like usual, we’ll be there at all the cool panels and stuff, and we’ll get you all the crucial news as soon as humanly possible (please note that “humanly possible” takes on a different meaning for NYCC that equates more to “when we can miraculously manage to get wifi or data signal in that convention center”).

Let’s get crackin’ on that “crucial news” thing tonight with the official panel lineup for the con. ReedPOP put out the official lineup of panels for the October con today so you and everyone else can begin planning out their four-day weekend. If for whatever bizarre reason you want to know about panels that aren’t Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, Archer, or Bob’s Burgers related, you can hit up or download the official NYCC app for Android or iOS (the app is much better than it has been in past years).

Ladies and gentlemen, New York Comic Con 2013 attendees, your weekend:


  • Grimm Animated Panel: Jon Schnepp and Titmouse Inc’s  Grimm’s Fairy Tales will have a panel on day one of the con at 7:30 PM in Room 1A14. While this isn’t exactly 100% Swim related, Titmouse rules, Jon Schnepp rules, and Grimm’s Fairy Tales likely will as well. Head to the panel to see the entire pilot episode and some behind the scenes footage from the making of the pilot. Not much else is happening on Thursday besides the Thursday Night Kickoff standup event with Janeane Garafalo and Brian Posehn at 8 PM on the Main Stage. If you’re interested.


  • Honorable Mentions: the weekend really gets rolling today, and if you’re an anime fan and also especially if you love you some Toonami, the FUNimation Industry Panel will take place at 11:15 AM in Room 1A15. Related to anime and Toonami as well is the Sunrise Official Panel at 12:30 PM in Room 1A10 for the studio that brought you Cowboy Bebop, Code Geass, and a plethora of giant robots in the myriad of Gundam properties you’ve come to know and love. There will also be a Viz Media Panel at 4:15 PM in Room 1A15 where I’m sure they’ll discuss some of your favorites, like Bleach. P.S.: Speaking of Toonami, our Bros from another Mo over at Toonami Faithful will also be on hand for the Con. Should make for fun Swim-Faithful stuff.
  • [adult swim] Presents: The Venture Bros.: 4:00 PM on Main Stage 1-D: Here we go. Here’s the true kickoff of the weekend, every year: the Venture panel. Always a hell of a lot of fun, the panel will run for about 45 minutes and will of course include Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick because what the hell would this be otherwise? Other guests may show up, you never know (Michael Sinterniklaas sometimes pops in). Last year, we were treated to an episode of the ever popular Let’s All Smoking, with the panel smoking and enjoying Fresca, and there was news and a sizzle reel. It’s possible “news and a sizzle reel” will not make an appearance, but don’t let that deter you from a panel that is sure to be one of your biggest highlights of the whole convention. Come, sit for almost an hour, and enjoy.
  • [adult swim] Presents: Robot Chicken: 5:00 PM on Main Stage 1-D: Always going hand-in-hand with the Venture panel is the Robot Chicken panel. Seth Green, Matthew Senreich, and Clare Grant will be there to chill up on stage and discuss the show. There will be a sneak peek of new episodes and the upcoming DC Comics Special sequel. Keith Crofford will moderate. You can probably just hang out in the room after Venture if you want to see this one. No need to move an inch! The lazy man’s dream.
  • Titmouse, Inc.: 6:30 PM in Room 1A17: This one isn’t in the same room. There’s a bit of walking. But, Titmouse does a lot of stuff for you so the least you could do is walk for like five minutes. There will be a panel of people from the studio discussing their work for Adult Swim, Disney, Nickelodeon, and others, and there will be free stuff! Last year, we got some free coloring books that were amazing and some free Motorcity (rest in peace) headbands. Last year, we got to visit the studio as well and everyone there was welcoming and extremely cool. Attend their panel, won’t you? They love you. Love them back.
  • Bob’s Burgers: 7:45 PM on Empire Stage 1-E Presented by Arizona Beverages: Loren Bouchard’s (Home Movies, Lucy Daughter of the Devil) newest series is turning out to be a hit on Fox in their Sunday night Animation Domination block alongside mainstays like The Simpsons and Family Guy. With a fourth season upcoming, and the first three now airing on Adult Swim, this one’s working out wonderfully. Everyone loves it. That’s probably why it’s on a stage and not in a room for its first NYCC panel. Cast members like H. Jon Benjamin and probably Kristen Schaal will be on the panel, which will include some clips from upcoming episodes and a Q&A like most panels. This will most likely be good.
  • Screening: Evangelion 3.33: You Can (Not) Redo: 8:00 PM on Main Stage 1-D: One of the biggest giant robot anime series of all time is being retold via a new film series. You probably already know that, too, because the first two films in the series have both been screened on Toonami. This year at NYCC, FUNimation presents a screening of the third film. Spike Spencer, the voice of Shinji, and director Kevin McFarland will be there to lead a Q&A after the film. If you saw the first two films, and the original series, this is likely something you’ll be eager to get to. So check it out if you can. You’ll probably want to get there early. This isn’t a separate ticketed event, so your normal pass will get you right in easily.


  • Honorable Mentions: There will be a Sword Art Online panel in Room 1A15 at 12:30 PM. Watch the first two episodes of the Toonami title, and get a taste of the show if you haven’t yet on the block. The show’s US rights holder will have a panel later in the day too: the Aniplex of America Industry Panel will be at 4:15 PM in Room 1A03 and they’ll discuss SAO, their other current properties, announce new ones, and give out some free stuff (including rare stuff from Japan!).
  • [adult swim] Presents: The Heart, She Holler: 11:00 AM in Room 1A06: John Lee, David Cross, Heather Lawless, Judith Roberts, Leo Fitzpatrick, Kevin Breznahan, Johathan Hadary, Jennifer Regan, and Joseph Sikora will sit on this early-day panel to discuss the sort-of-terrifying miniseries-turned-series now in its second season. Which will be over by con time, but it’ll still be nice to discuss. Also, David Cross will be there. I said that already, but it totally bears repeating. David Cross.
  • Archer: Discussion and Q&A: 11:00 AM on Main Stage 1-D: Not Swim, and it’s up against a Swim panel, but it’s Archer. Adam Reed (Sealab 2021, Frisky Dingo– of course) will be there along with cast members H. Jon Benjamin, Judy Greer, Amber Nash, Chris Parnell, Aisha Tyler, Lucky Yates, and Jessica Walter to talk about the series and new stuff, probably. They’ll talk about Archer, which is good. That’s a good selling point. Your 11 AM hour this day is up to you. Choose one. Both will be wise.
  • [adult swim] Presents: Eagleheart: 5:30 PM in Room 1A06: Chris Elliott, Michael Komen, Andrew Weinberg, and Jason Woliner will discuss the cop comedy wherein people get punched to death and crimes in the sky are A-OK, as well as give you a good look at the upcoming third season of the show. The listing here says something about “Eagleheart: Paradise Rising” so perhaps that’s the new season’s title? I guess we’ll see, Saturday October 12th at 5:30. Only then.
  • ABRAMS Presents the Adventure Time Encyclopaedia panel with the Lord of Evil and Marceline the Vampire Queen: 5:30 PM in Room 1A08: Saturday’s making out to be decision day. Archer or Heartshe? Eagleheart or Adventure Time? Decisions, decisions. This panel will include Martin Olson and Olivia Olson (Hunson Abadeer and his daughter Marceline the Vampire Queen, respectively) will hang out with Jessica DiCicco (Flame Princess) and illustrators Celeste Moreno and Mahendra Singh to talk about the Adventure Time Encyclopedia by Martin Olson. Moderated by Eric Klopfer, there will be a slide show and a theatrical reading from the book. Hunson Abadeer will appear, there will be a music video premiere, and the book trailer will be screened. SDCC had this panel earlier in the year, so it must be good if we get it too. Choose wisely. You’re playing with your 5:30 PM here.
  • [adult swim] Presents: Rick and Morty: 6:30 PM in Room 1A06: Creator of the NBC comedy Community, Dan Harmon, and voice of Adventure Time’s Lemongrab, Justin Roiland have a show coming to Adult Swim named Rick and Morty about a genius, insane grandfather, and his less insane and genius grandson. It’s sort of based on some movie named Back to the Future or whatever. The show will air in December, but if you head to this panel, you’ll get a preview. It’ll probably be a good show. So, y’know. Get to it.
  • [adult swim] Presents: China IL: 7:30 PM in Room 1A06: The Worst School in America is almost back on your television screens and I hope you’re as excited as I am. The new season will have new characters, new stories, new voices, and another 11 minutes to work with, bumping the episodes up to a nice meaty half hour. Brad Neely and Daniel Weidenfeld will be on the panel next to Hannibal Buress (The Eric Andre Show) and some other voice talent from the show. Last year’s panel was pretty dang good. This year’s will be too, probably. You’ve got nothing else going on at 7:30 so come on down. You had plenty of time to walk the show floor earlier.


  • Honorable Mentions: This is the last day. It’s short. It’s “Kids Day”. All the cool stuff has long been sold out or given away. You depleted your budget. You probably have work the next day. Back to the daily grind. There’s not much besides these panels today, so get to ’em and then just go hang out on the floor and stuff until they kick you out. Do the little rush at the end to get all the leftover free goodies. Then, go home, reminisce about the past few days, and mark your calendars for next year. It can’t come soon enough.
  • TimesTalks: Adventure Time: 11:00 AM on Empire Stage 1-E Presented by Arizona Beverages: The con learned from their mistakes of a few years back and put Adventure Time’s panel somewhere big instead of some tiny room. And that’s awesome. The panel, moderated by New York Times culture writer Dave Itzkoff, will be a discussion about the show with the creator, Pendleton Ward, Jake the Dog himself John DiMaggio, Jeremy Shada (Finn), Rebecca Sugar (ex-writer/storyboarder on the show, now working on the CN show Steven Universe), and Kent Osborne. Get on line early. Get in. Have a grand ol’ time.
  • Cartoon Network presents Steven Universe: 4:00 PM in Room 1A23: Speaking of Rebecca Sugar and her new show, she and it will have a panel this year to get you excited about the new series if for some bizarre reason you aren’t already. The half hour panel will feature Rebecca and will have, probably, discussion about it and maybe a preview. The show premieres in November.

The convention is fast approaching, so figure out your schedules. There’s gonna be a lot to do, a lot to see, a lot to buy, and a lot to get for free, so get ready. It’s coming.

We’ll be right there with you.

New York Comic Con is October 10-13 at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in New York City. Tickets are mostly gone, unless you want to attend Thursday, and there are more panels than just these. For more info on the con, head to, and read up on all the important info about it before the big day comes next month.

See y’all there!

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