In The Captains Close Up, William Shatner goes boldly where no man has gone before. Shatner travels the globe to sit with those who’ve also sat on the bridge of the Starship Enterprise in this acclaimed slice of pop culture, which originally aired on Epix. The five-episode series looks at the actors that have played “The Captain” in all of Star Trek’s incarnations over the years.  The interviews are one-on-one and very intimate. I am a fan of William Shatner and love Star Trek (albeit not as much as I love Star Wars).  The documentary is part reality show and part in-depth interviews, but most importantly is a must-watch for fans of Star Trek!

I love the first episode  of the film in which Shatner takes us through is current life, and how he became involved in Star Trek. I love seeing the older pictures of Shatner, but especially love hearing his personal stories and the stories of those his friends, cast members, and various producers. There is something so special about Shatner for me. The Captains Close Up reminds us of how theatrical Shatner is. The intimacy of the interview between Kate Mulgrew and Shatner is amazing. He goes into deep detail about his personal life, covering his past romantic relationships. Shatner talks about how his work gets in the way of his relationship with his wife.

This episode also have Shatner speaking with Chris Pine. I love seeing the two together talking about their roles, and how it has shaped them. Shatner asks all the questions of Pine that fans are interested in knowing.

My next favorite inteview is the interview with Patrick Stewart. The first cool thing is that the interview takes place in the UK at Stewart’s home. I knew Stewart is one of the most revered theater actors, so it was cool to learn more about that. I love hearing him speak, and this helped remind me. The episode covers so much about Stewart. You learn about his birth, his family life, and then his work life. I don’t think that Stewart would have been involved in X-Men if he had not done Star Trek. That is my personal opinion, but I think that being the captain helped introduce him to a new audience of geeks. What tops all of his career, has to be that he was knighted by the Queen.

The Captains Close Up is a fun and informative look into the heart of the Star Trek franchise through the eyes of the actors. There are so many fantastic stories that will have you engaged for the length of the film.

The Captains Close Up Episodes:

  • William Shatner (Captain James T. Kirk, Star Trek: The Original Series,
    Star Trek feature films) featuring Chris Pine (Captain James T. Kirk, J.J. Abrams’s Star Trek and Star Trek Into Darkness)
  • Patrick Stewart (Captain Jean-Luc Picard, Star Trek: The Next Generation,
    Star Trek feature films)
  • Avery Brooks (Captain Benjamin SiskoStar Trek: Deep Space Nine)
  • Kate Mulgrew (Captain Kathryn JanewayStar Trek: Voyager)
  • Scott Bakula (Captain Jonathan ArcherStar Trek: Enterprise)


  • Additional Interviews with William Shatner (exclusive to the DVD release) shot on the Paramount Studios Lot


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