Use Your Hankbucks To Get A Special Towel!

Hello Swim Centralers. (Can I call you guys that?) It’s been a while but I’m still kind of here, still kind of posting stuff. Hooray for productivity. Anyways, now that the Venture Brothers season is over, news will probably slow down again. But there’s some right now, for those of you who have accumulated Hankbucks via the T-shirt Club, you can use those Hankbucks to get yourself a discount on a nice towel with Hank’s face on it.

Just send in this form here!

And for those of us who don’t? Well, we can use regular money. Just $25 to get this sweet towel, and if you’re like me you probably don’t hit up the beach much. But don’t forget you can use it at hotels, local pools, or even in your bathroom. So send in that money and wrap yourself up in Hank.

Anybody looking to just pick up the towel with cash can head over to the Titmouse shop.

As Hank Venture himself once said, “I think I’m in love…with that towel!”

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