Have you ever met a superhero in real life? Or dreamed of becoming one of them? If your answer is yes, in this case The Secret life of Walter Mitty trailer will show you even more.


In Ben Stiller’s film, Walter Mitty works as an editor at a large publishing house that specializes in the production of cheap entertainment articles about noble heroes and beautiful girls. Mitty is a charming loser, a typical person of little mark. Average statistical existence, everyday work, nondescript leisure – that’s all what he can make boast of. Every morning he goes out of his quiet suburb of the big city to work. He lives with his mother who tries to marry him with her girlfriend’s daughter, and has an enemy – his more successful neighbor. However, no one realizes that Walter is not the one he pretends to be. Periodically, at the worst possible time such as driving a car or dining, Mitty hangs immersed in a world of his dreams. There he presents himself a heroic RAF pilot, the best sheriff in the Wild West, or South noble planter. Also in his dreams there is always a lovely blonde. Once met in reality, his life cardinally changes.


Ben Stiller became famous as a comic actor. As a director he also filmed comedies, although his “Tropic Thunder” film already had an element of drama. But the new film – “The Secret life of Walter Mitty” where he is both an actor and director – should become quite serious. This is a story of a man who could not stand up for himself, and therefore preferred to hide in his fantasy world. Walter can make anything, no doubt. But only in his dreams. It is in them he presents himself an invincible, indestructible hero, covered with a halo of romance and triumph. Although, wait a minute! Who said that if a similar situation happens, Walter would stop to look at a fence? In the body of a fragile man beats the heart of a noble knight! Anything is possible, but so it is. And soon the hero really needs to realize his dreams into reality.


“I was very fortunate that I had the opportunity to make this film. I hope that both adults and children will enjoy watching it. I really wanted to create a relationship with my audience through this film, to convey my thoughts. I think we’ve made a significant and necessary message to different generations in today’s world. You need to meet your dreams at any age!” – explicitly stated Ben Stiller.

the secret life of walter mitty

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