UPDATED: Boondocks season 4 supposedly pushed back to April

So remember when [AS] had a bump stating that Boondocks season 4 was gonna premiere in January and I told you that there was a good chance that the premiere would be delayed? Guess what? Turns out I was right. No surprise there. It happens more often than not.

So then, when is the show scheduled to air? No clue. For whatever reason [AS] and everybody involved has been highly secretive with information regarding the new season. So we don’t even know what’s holding things up.

And of course when you don’t give people information? They start speculating. Which is exactly what happened when a news site saw the show on the schedule and wrote an article saying there was finally a premiere date for season 4. However what they actually saw on the schedule was a rerun of a season 3 episode.

The good news is after the false alarm, a few fans went to people on Twitter who were involved with the show and began asking questions. The only one with an answer was Metaphor The Great who said that last he heard–the date was moved to April.

 Update on January 24th : Carl Jones has Tweeted an official date:


So there you go. Boondocks season 4 in April. Possibly. Or it could just get pushed back again. (My bet is on it actually becoming a summer release. That is unless Boondocks Season 4 has become the cartoon equivalent of Duke Nukem Forever and Chinese Democracy. But hey. Both of those things wound up coming out. Even if it took 10 years. So Boondocks season 4 has to get aired at some point–right?)

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