Mondo Unleashes Posters for ALIEN, FLASH GORDON and More

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Mondo has released a bunch of awesome new posters inspired by Alien, Psycho, Flash Gordon and more. The posters were designed by Kevin Tong and Martin Ansin.

As a huge fan of Alfred Hitchcock I of course love the Psycho poster. My wife is a fan of Wizard of Oz so I know she would love the posters. I remember going to see Flash Gordon in theaters as a kid on a day when we had teachers meetings in the afternoon. My mom was so cool to take me to see it. You can never go wrong with Mondo posters so keep reading to check them out below.


Psycho and Hannibal posters by Kevin Tong


Alien poster and variant by Martin Ansin 


Aliens poster and variant buy Kevin Tong


Prometheus and variant by Martin Ansin


Wizard of Oz and variant by Kevin Tong


Flash Gordon and variant by Martin Ansin

Which Mondo poster above is your favorite?

Source: The Verge

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