Low-Budget Films Inspire Parodies With an Adult Twist

There have been plenty of films over the years that have poked fun at popular franchises with a parody. Austin Powers made fun of James Bond, Vampires Suck spoofed the Twilight franchise, and of course Scary Movie tackled the entire horror genre.

But the parody masters are by far those in the adult industry. Not only do they remake the high-profile films, but many have taken the opportunity to recreate some of the most loved low-budget movies—those that usual production companies wouldn’t find worth the time or money. And of course, we couldn’t be happier that they did.

Take a look at some of these adult film parodies that were inspired by low-budget flicks.

The Breakfast Club 1985 — Production Budget $1 million (About $2.2 million today)

Parody — The Breakfast Club: A Triple XXX Parody

This spoof has the same basic premise of the original, just with an adult twist. The school’s star athlete hooks up with the quirky loaner; the bad boy pairs up with the school’s popular princess; and with the addition of a perky cheerleader, even the school principle gets some action. Unfortunately, just like in the original, the only one that doesn’t pair up with someone during Saturday detention is the school nerd. But not to worry, he vividly recounts his past sexual escapades to impress his classmates.

Reservoir Dogs 1992 — Production Budget $1.2 Million (About $2 million today)

Parody — Rezervoir Doggs

After what should have been a simple heist goes wrong, it’s revealed that there must be a rat in the group. The only thing different in this film is that the six lead roles are replaced by women in well-fitted suits rather than men. Well, that and their torture techniques are vastly different. Even with their differences, the adult parody and the original are rated closely on IMDB, with Rezervoir Doggs given a 8.2/10 compared to Reservoir Dogs‘ 8.4/10.

Friday the 13th 1980 — Production Budget $550,000 (About $1.5 million today)

friday13thParody — Official Friday the 13th Parody

Main character Susie takes on a new position as a masseuse for the Crystal Lake Nudist Camp. She soon meets horny camp counselor Kyle, who enjoys copious orgies with his staff and guests. But when people start disappearing, Kyle and Susie are forced to fight for their lives. People like to joke about horror movies having unnecessary sex scenes, but in the parody, the scenes are actually crucial to the storyline.

Napoleon Dynamite 2004 — Production Budget $400K (About $500K today)

Parody — Naporneon Dynamite

Every bit as awkward as the original, Naporneon Dynamite follows gangly student Naporneon on his journey to lose his virginity. According to Adam and Eve’s take on the film, the high-schooler takes lessons in something called “sex-kwan-do” and eventually applies his learned skills on crush Trisha. Bonus scenes include uncle Suave “getting pretty serious” with girlfriend Laquesha while Paco earns votes for class president the hard way.

Clerks 1994 — Production Budget $27,575 (About $44,000 today)

Parody — Clerks XXX: A Porn Parody

The low-intensity original gets a spike in excitement from this XXX parody. Instead of working at a convenience store, the main girls in the film work at Excitement Love Boutique. They’re also just trying to make it through the day, but they’re doing so in a much more explicit fashion than Dante and Randal. Surrounded by a plethora of adult novelties, the characters can barely keep their hands off one another—and their customers.

In true parody fashion, the production costs of these parodies are a fraction of the already-low cost originals. So if you’re a fan of the originals, it’s likely that you’ll be able to appreciate these frugal adult spoofs as well.

Film budget information acquired through Box Office Mojo, and inflation calculated using the CPI Inflation Calculator.

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