Turn your Smartphone into the Ultimate Gaming PC

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Whilst many companies such as Google are keen to help turn your TV’s into PCs, with the launch of their new computer plug-in stick the Google Chromecast, others are looking to convert your existing smartphone directly into a fully-fledged PC. Most smartphones and tablets these days are powerful enough to house plenty of PC-based applications as well as dealing with all your typical day to day requirements. But if you haven’t got Airplay or a suitable alternative then you hook up your device to a MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link) dock.


The MHL adaptor allows you to sit your device into a dock which you can then connect to an HDMI compatible display via a micro USB port. Which means you can instantly display your smartphone or tablet screen right up on the big screen. From there you can attach all sorts of things that you might like to add-on to help bump up your new makeshift PC. You can attach a wired keyboard, mouse or speakers through the docking station, if indeed it has these ports available, or alternatively you can connect up any one of the three aforementioned accessories via Bluetooth, that is of course if they are Bluetooth compatible. If you are looking to go with an adaptor and only have wired accessories you will need to make sure beforehand that the adaptor you purchase actually has sufficient ports available, if at all, otherwise you’ll be stuck.


Aside from the usual PC based accessories such as the mouse and keyboard you’ll even be able to attach external storage devices which you can easily utilise to save larger documents and more space heavy items to without worrying about overfilling your smartphone.


So we’ve taken a look at how you can get this wonderful way in which to develop your smartphone into a PC but what benefits does it actually have? Well if you use your device mainly for business purposes and are used to working at a desk space then this will give you the ability to connect up your portable device effortlessly and bring it directly in to a more comfortable and familiar office-like setup. But of course you can still mix business and pleasure by playing games like mobile roulette during a break from your working schedule. In fact you play any of your favourite games and apps and enjoy them on a larger HD screen.

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