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Casino movies are some of the best films out there! People love playing casino games and love the high stakes of big money, especially when its not their own money in danger. We had some fun with this and decided to re-watch all the casino-focused flicks that always make those Top 100 Movies chart. Let’s see which ones we favored!



1. Ocean’s Eleven


The Rat Pack. Need we say more about this? Starring the man himself, Frank Sinatra and his gang of crooners, this movie is always a great showing for the family or when you’re just hanging out with the guys. Of course, in this review, we are talking about the Ocean’s Eleven from long ago, but you also might enjoy the newer version of this film, which stars Brad Pitt and Matt Damon.



2. Casino


So let’s move on with one of the most famous casino movies, and it’s called Casino itself! This movie is loved by many people around the world and it is especially loved by those people who love royal vegas slots like those at Royal Vegas Casino Online. Royal Vegas Casino has the best slots games on the Internet, so if you love playing the slots in an actual Casino like in the movie, then you’ll love playing the slots on the Internet with Royal Vegas.


Rounders Matt Damon

3. Rounders


Ever worry about getting caught in a lie? What about a double lie? It can get pretty crazy out there when it comes to ripping people off to get your money. But then again, who’s ripping off who? That’s the main question in this back and forth amazing film called Rounders. This is definitely a must see for anyone who loves cards.


VEGAS VACATION, Ethan Embry, Marisol Nichols, Beverly D'Angelo, Chevy Chase, 1997. (c) Warner Brothers

4. Vegas Vacation


Alright, now let’s move on to some laughs. If you really want to get your laugh on, you must check out Vegas Vacation, starring Chevy Chase, the comedy man from Saturday Night Live himself. This film has all of your favorite laughs from the other Family Vacation National Lampoons movies, but it’s set in Vegas of course.



5. 21


This is a great movie for those who love a good heist. College kids want to make more money for whatever it is that college kids always seem to need, so with the help of their crazy professor, played by Kevin Spacey, they actually start learning how to count cards. It’s a great play on casinos—and math!


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