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How to cook grenades (PC, Xbox One) in PUBG

PUBG’s one of those games where many things really aren’t ever explained to you overtly, and you have to work things out through trial and error. So here is another water drop to your knowledge cup. While playing one might hope there might be a way of adding a little extra timing to our grenades. It turns out there’s a completely separate command for pulling the pinout of the grenade prematurely, before chucking it at your target of choice. And there is.

Although it might seem like an insignificant thing, mastering these extra tricks of the trade can sometimes mean the difference between winning or losing an encounter – and at Metabomb, we’re all about those winning edges. Read also how to show fps in PUBG.

Here’s a step by step guide to releasing the pin early and giving your enemies an explosive surprise, whether you’re playing on PC or Xbox One.


  • First, equip the grenade in your inventory.
  • Select it using the number [5] key – or whatever button you have it bound to if you’ve been tinkering with your keybinds.
  • Press and hold the [LMB] on your mouse so you’re ready to throw it.
  • Now if you pull out the pin by pressing the [R] key, you’ll hear a clicking audio cue.
  • Once you’ve pulled the pinout, you have approximately 5 seconds to get it to your target before it blows up in your face.
  • We recommend checking it towards your target at around 3 seconds in. This gives the grenade enough travel and landing time so it’ll detonate at just the right moment. Releasing it any later will result in the grenade exploding too early.

Xbox One

  • Equip the grenade in your inventory.
  • Select it so you’ve got the grenade in your hand.
  • Press and hold [RT] to ready the grenade for a big old throw.
  • Tap [LB] to release the pin and cook the grenade.
  • Release [RT] to chuck the grenade.

Hope it was helpful, stay tuned for more on

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