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Fortnite Creative’s Best CSGO Map Recreations

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Fortnite’s creative mode allows players to build their own maps with their own set of rules. It really showcases people’s creativity as there are currently thousands of maps to try out. Themes range from parkour obstacle courses and mini games to recreations of fictional landmarks and events. Then there are the weird ones, such as a light show set to a cover of ‘Carol of the Bells’ or similar. Since these maps aren’t exactly competitive, they also handle Fortnite items differently.

Speaking of recreations of locations, many have tried their hand in reimagining CSGO maps in this mode. We’re looking at the closest replications of classic maps. They’re how you can experience Counterstrike Global Offensive (CS:GO) even without owning the gun game.

CSGO Map Dust II and/or Map Dust II – Fixed by VariousPurple (1068-0274-9341/5253-4025-7629)

Various Purple faithfully recreated the map de_dust_2 from CSGO. Building placement and all the tunnels and passageways are all there. The crates in the bomb sites, as well as the abandoned cars scattered around the map, are also placed accurately. The ‘Fixed’ version adds Epic Gun Llamas on each team evolves spawn for more fun.

Sure, it’s got the Fortnite Battle Royale coloring, and it’s not exactly the desert locale like in the original. However, it gives the same gameplay experience as the source material. There are many versions of this map, but this one is by far the closest to the original.

AWP Lego by Senix (4265-3743-2329)

This snipers-only dueling arena is the perfect training ground for aspiring sharpshooters. It’s a team deathmatch with infinite ammo and you respawn with full life and shields. Like its source, it has a fortress-like structure in the middle where you can snipe (or get sniped).

It’s a simple map, but it’s the best way to get used to sniper rifles. Besides, it has many modes, from team deathmatches to free-for-alls. It’s a veritable sniper’s paradise!

CS_Assault_Overgrown by snekiecr8 (8535-0278-2396)

A faithful replica of the classic assault map, except overgrown with plants. That addition changes the ambiance of the original map, though it still retains much of the charm of the original. If you’ve explored the map in its game of origin, you’ll find the secret rooms and passageways in all the same places!

The Epic Games creator recommends you play this map with at least three other friends because of its size. The secret areas also hold better than usual weapons and supplies, so it’s best to try going there for them.

BO2 Standoff by Notnellaf (6644-6369-6183)

‘Standoff’ is actually a map in Fortnite twice migrated. Its game of origin was Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. Then, a Steam Workshop creator worked on making it in CSGO, and now it’s in Battle Royale Fortnite. It’s one of the best popular maps for a team death match or free-for-all.

It may be CoD and not CSGO-flavored, but it’s still a fun map to play.

Support Fortnite Creators!

If you liked these maps, show your appreciation and like the map in! Also, there are some items in creative mode you can’t get from the Fortnite Items shop or use in Battle Royale. Have fun exploring all these player-made islands!

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