Best Bar Games to Play at Home

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If you want to have some fun at home away from the bar, there are a few games that may deliver the excitement that you’re looking for. Some require more skill than others, so you’ll have to pick between them depending on how much you wish to be challenged.

Here are the best bar games to play in the comfort of your home.

Engaging Table Games

With the right table and playing pieces, there are plenty of table-based games that you can get stuck into. It’s possible to purchase the table game and place it in a convenient spot in your living room or gaming room. There are foosball, air hockey, shuffleboard and pool tables to choose from.

One thing to consider is how fast-paced you want your table games to be. Some can be frenetic and are best-played one-on-one, whereas others like shuffleboard have a slower pace to them.

Test Your Throwing Accuracy with Dart Games

Darts have an almost universal appeal. They are often played in pubs where a darts board is commonly found.

You’ll need a separate area to play darts. This is because a floor mat is required to fix a distance spot where you’ll shoot the darts from to hit the board. There is also a risk of a dart hitting the rim or bouncing out of the board. It can travel quite a distance, which is another reason to ensure there’s enough space to play safely. Ideally, a corner of a room is the securest area, but a private games room away from the general living space is even better.

To make darts easy and more fun to play, using soft tip darts is the way to go. They are light, slim and less prone to bounce back out of the board. To see which darts pack is best, check out this detailed review by Above House to narrow your selection.

Get Lubricated with a Dice Drinking Game

Dice drinking games take the original frat alcoholic escapades from college and transfer them into adult life, with a twist.

The great thing about dice games (other than the drinking aspect) is that it’s very inexpensive to do. Learning a few games involving dice and moving cups around doesn’t require much time and will fascinate friends who cannot seem to figure it out. There’s also a surprising number of games available that only require dice and setting the stakes.

Engaging Board Games

Board games are something that can involve a whole team. Whether playing Monopoly which everyone is no doubt familiar with, Uno, or a new board game that everyone is raving about, it’s a great idea to get everyone involved.

Many board games require a standard deck of cards to use with the game. Considering that the beer is likely to be flowing before and during play, you’ll probably want to invest in some waterproof playing cards that won’t get damaged (and clean up easily too).

Get a Birdie with Golden Tee

Golden Tee is a classic golfing arcade game complete with an original freestanding arcade box, controls, and display. There are also more modern versions using the latest widescreen visuals to bring the experience into the present time.

For a team of friends who love hitting the links, but fancy drinking at home, this is a great alternative that brings out the competitive spirit in everyone. Whether you prefer the classic arcade look ‘n’ feel or only the best will do, both will provide plenty of fun for everyone involved.

The best bar games to play at home with friends or family are those that match the sensibilities of the players. Some are more socially based or interactive whereas others are competitive and demand more from each player to win the match. A few are a match for both aspects.

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