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Getting the Most Out of Your Gaming Session

Everybody has a hobby or past-time activity that they love to do for hours on end. Some like arts and crafts, others enjoy reading, and a lot of people LOVE to game. If you’re an avid gamer, a gaming session is likely to be your choice of past-time, and your go-to after a long week when you want to switch off from the rest of the world.

It’s easy to get wrapped up in a good gaming session, and time can fly-by when you do. You might also enjoy playing for sport, too, and log in to marathon sessions to compete. Whatever the case may be, long gaming sessions can be fun, but you need to be prepared for them, too. If you want to get the most out of your next gaming session, below are some useful tips to help you get comfortable and have the best time.

Invite Friends

Having a solo gaming session is fine, and sometimes if you’re craving some quality ‘me time’, it’s perfect. However, like most things, gaming is always better with friends, and if you don’t get to see each other that often, a good gaming session is a perfect excuse to hang out and catch up. If you can’t physically see one another because of distance or something else, why not see if they can get online and you can game together that way?

Plan Ahead

If you want to get into the zone and spend the day/night gaming without interruption, plan to make sure you’ll remain undisturbed. If you live with someone else, choosing a night when they’ll be out of the house could be a good idea. If you’re having friends over to join you, make sure it’s a weekend or evening you can all do together easily and stock up on food and drink.

Be Comfortable

You should always be sat on a comfortable, supportive chair or couch when gaming, particularly if it’s going to be a long session. If you don’t have one of these in place, treat yourself to a new gaming chair. SumoLounge bean bag chairs are great for gamers and help to reduce some of the stress enduced by video games – click here for more information on how comfort and stress are connected in gaming.

Take Regular Breaks

It’s easy to get caught up in a game and hours pass without you moving or look away from the screen. Although this is easily done, if you are planning to spend an entire day/night gaming it’s important to take regular 10-15-minute breaks. They will allow you to stretch your legs, give your eyes a break from the glaring screen lights and help you feel refreshed in general.

Order Food

If you’re indulging in a casual, fun gaming session then treating yourself to a pizza or whatever your favorite choice of takeout food is a great idea, especially if you’re having friends over. This way you don’t have to get up and prepare a meal, allowing you all more time to game together. However, if you’re doing a marathon session for fun or competition, make sure you’ve got healthier snacks at hand to give you a nutritional boost.

Let in Fresh Air

Another thing that might go unnoticed if you get sucked into a game is how stuffy the room is. Not only is this not pleasant to sit in, but it’s not good for your health, either. If you’re planning to haul up in your bedroom/living room all weekend for some serious gaming, make sure you’re letting in some fresh air. It will keep your mind sharper and keep your room smelling and feeling fresh.

Make Sure Everything Works

Before you embark on your long gaming session, make sure everything works! There is nothing more frustrating than starting a game, only to find a button the sticks on your controller or the battery has died. To avoid getting caught out mid-game, always do a test run so you can continue playing happily and uninterrupted.

Update Your Games

Just as your controllers and equipment can cause a problem, so too can a game that hasn’t been updated to its latest version, particularly if you’re playing online with friends who have updated already. Check for any updates you might require for your games, and for your computer too if your playing on this device. Don’t let it switch off for automatic timed updates!

Clean up

If you’re having friends over you should be making the effort to tidy up before they arrive anyway, but even if you’re planning to game alone think about giving your room a spruce up before you settle down to start. A clean and tidy space will make you feel more relaxed and improve your gaming session because of this. Also, this will reduce the risk of spilled drinks on electronic devices, etc., if there are fewer things to knock over or get in your way.

Put Your Phone on Silent

If you don’t want to be disturbed during your gaming session, putting your phone on silent will be necessary — or switching it off altogether. Of course, if it does ring, this doesn’t mean you have to answer, but a vibrating phone or annoying ring-tone droning on will serve as a distraction, especially if you’re being called more than once throughout your session. You can always check your messages and any missed calls during your mini-breaks.

Whether it’s been a tough week, you want to catch up with friends or simply want to get lost in a game’s storyline, a good gaming session is a perfect way to spend your day. The sense of fulfilment and satisfaction when completing the challenge of a game is enough to put a smile on any gamers face. To make sure you’re getting the most out of your next gaming session, whether it’s just for fun or for competition, think about the points above and how they can make you more comfortable and the experience overall more enjoyable.

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