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Fantasia 2020 Review – FRIED BARRY Is A Heroin Induced Fever Dream

Fried Barry takes audiences on a heroin induced fever dream. Directed by Ryan Kruger, the genre-bending film stars Gary Green as Barry, Chanelle De Jager, Bianka Hartenstein, Sean Cameron Michael, and Jonathan Pienaar.

Part horror, part comedy, Fried Barry takes a peak into the mind of a drug addict who has been abducted by aliens and give new powers.  After his abduction, Barry has new found powers that he begins to realize during his trip though the underbelly of He can save lives with his new found powers.

While watching I felt as though my eyeballs were being attacked. The FX is insane. Oddly enough one of the most unique sequences was the unexpected intermission sequence that made me feel as though I were watching 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Fried Barry is the Winner of a RapidLion Award for Best South African Film, and it is definitely deserving,. In addition to amazing FX, the camera work was sharp and engaging. I loved being taken into the mind of Barry during his encounters as he walks and even flies around town.

Before his alien abduction, Barry was on a never-ending high and was checked out from the world. It took his become other worldly that he began to be a human. It is funny that sometimes it takes a major incident to open someones eyes.

PS: a good double feature would be Fried Barry and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

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Barry isn’t the best example of humanity. He’s a bad father, a bad friend, and not particularly good at anything, and it’s an unfortunate turn for our species that – “fried” on heroin yet again – he becomes the first homo sapiens encountered by a visiting alien. Taking up residence in his brain, that alien pilots Barry on a multi-day tear through an apocalyptically shit-stained Cape Town, gaining a profound first impression from its assorted scum and villainy. Getting high, getting laid, and getting kidnapped by human traffickers are just a few of the stops on this mondo-esque rampage – but is there enough light in Barry’s world for the alien to pick up positive behaviour as well? Will Barry’s newfound psychic superpowers be used for good, or just another romp around the red-light district? And is this all just the drugs talking?




2020 Cinequest, RapidLion The South African International Film Festival 2020


Best South African Film – 2020 – RapidLion/South African International Film Festival

Best Cinematography – 2020 – RapidLion/South African International Film Festival

Best Editing – 2020 – RapidLion/South African International Film Festival

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