Documentaries are meant to give viewers in-depth looks at a specific situation, location, or person. They aren’t scripted, and they focus on bringing specific issues to light that you may not know about otherwise.

Because one of the biggest purposes of a documentary is to educate, watching any of them can challenge your point of view and make you think. But, some stand out more than others.

If you truly want to challenge your perspective, it can be good to check out documentaries that you might initially find controversial. Are you on the fence about climate change? Check out docs that focus on some of the current environmental issues. Are you not as informed as you’d like to be about refugees and immigration practices? Documentaries that focus on specific individuals who have gone through immigration struggles can give you a first-hand account of those problems.

With that, let’s cover three of the most mind-blowing documentaries that can change your perspective and challenge your point of view while offering important information along the way.

1. The Bleeding Edge

The Netflix documentary The Bleeding Edge highlights the profit-driven mindset of the medical device industry. If that sentence alone bothers you, that’s a good thing – it should. The film will undoubtedly stir other emotions, including shock, frustration, and sadness.

This movie weaves fact-based information together with personal stories of individuals whose lives have been damaged by “life-saving technologies.” Many devices and technological advancements in the medical field claim to be safe but have caused problems for thousands of people. The devices the film focuses on include:

Essure (a birth control device)
Vaginal mesh
Da Vinci Surgical System
Chrome-cobalt hip replacements

While The Bleeding Edge can’t focus on every disparity in the healthcare system, it may open your eyes to realize that there are major problems within the medical industry. These medical devices aren’t the only ones that have seen negative attention. Medications are also often the highlight of court cases. Recently, that’s included the popular heartburn drug Zantac, as it’s been found to have a connection with a variety of different cancers.

If you have full faith and trust in the healthcare industry, that’s not a bad thing. But, this film can help you to change your perspective on the “latest and greatest” in medical advancements and how effective they actually are.

2. The Great Postal Heist

Who knew a movie about the United States Postal Service could be so interesting? Yet, when you watch The Great Postal Heist,you’ll be captivated right away. This is another film with greed at its very core. It follows the personal story of the director, featuring his father, a 30-year postal clerk. During that time, his father was threatened and eventually fired for standing up for his rights (and those of his fellow workers).

While people who work for the USPS tend to have high earnings, this movie shows how the organization has become dismantled and privatized over the years. As a result, those individuals dismantling it have done everything from cutting the hours of postal workers to raising prices and lowering wages.

This was a huge problem leading up to the 2020 Presidential election, but it is believed that a “controlled demolition” will continue even now.

You may not regularly give much thought to the USPS, but this is a doc that will change your mind.

3. Black 14

Movies focusing on activism have become increasingly popular in recent years. That’s mostly due to the unrest our country seems to be continuously facing. Over the last several years, several notable groups have led protests and movements in efforts to be heard, including:

Black Lives Matter
Me Too
The Fight for $15
Occupy Wall Street

While these movements are relatively new, the short documentary Black 14 shows that protests and civil rights have been affecting this country for a very long time. If you’ve ever picked up a history book, you already know about some of the U.S.’s major rights movements.

But, Black 14 focuses on a smaller (yet just as important) protest from 1969, when a group of 14 University of Wyoming athletes was heavily criticized for speaking out against Bringham Young University. The team members wanted to wear black armbands during their game against BYU. When they showed up with the bands, the coach immediately threw them from the team, sparking quite a bit of outrage.

If you’re looking for a short doc to spark your interest in civil rights and the movements our country has seen, this is a great place to start.

There are so many documentaries that could have made this list. But, no matter which film you watch, it’s a good idea to do so with an open mind and a willingness to change your point of view. Documentaries are meant to inform, so be open to that idea whenever you sit down to watch one.

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