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I recently had the chance to interview April Washko, who definitely an actress to look out for. Keep reading to ready my entire interview with April. 
April is from Michigan, but has worked all over. She is just starting out in the business and has had roles on stage, television and in films. Not only is April experienced in front of the she she is killed behind the scenes too and has experience editing and with camera operation. 
How did you get your start in acting?  
I guess the first acting I did would be in elementary school. The choir class would put on little ‘musicals’. I don’t remember the details, but we’d do a couple acts then sing a song. Do a couple more, sing a song. Small assembly’s, that type of thing.

You have done a little bit of everything which do you prefer more, performing on in theater, TV or film?
I love performing in any capacity, but I think my favorite would have to be TV and Film. I’m in love with television and film, I can’t help it. Something about the camera, the sets, all of it.
I am a huge fan of David Mamet’s writing and films. My personal favorite of his is The Spanish Prisoner. What was it like performing in David Mamet’s Edmond? What is your favorite Mamet film or play? 
It was wonderful doing ‘Edmond’. Initially, I read the script not knowing much about David Mamet prior to.. I was shocked. Seeing it on paper, just plain and on paper is shocking. But my acting coach, Rich Goteri, was directing the play and he offered me the role I had in it. I trust Rich with pretty much anything – and I know he’s a deeply talented man with a wonderful vision. So, I accepted the role – and after the explanation by way of Rich about the play, and after seeing a couple rehearsals I realized it wasn’t bad at all. It’s a story about acceptance. Acceptance for all is a beautiful thing. Given the wonderful experience I had with ‘Edmond’, I would have to say that ‘Edmond’ is also my favorite Mamet production!

I was impressed with the look and feel of The Rivers Forever trailer.  It looks like it was a very emotionally charged film and you portray a gritty and real character.  What did you do to prepare yourself for that role?
Thank you! It was directed and edited by Tim Nyquist, and based on the true story of his childhood – the battle within him and between his parents as they were going through a divorce. I played Juliet, the store clerk. For the role, I really just talked to Tim and discussed what the experience made him feel like as a child. What emotions and such he was going for as a Director and what he wanted the audience to walk away with. It was a wonderful experience, and one of my favorite films I have done thus far.

Is there anything special that you do to prepare yourself for roles in general?
It depends on the role I’m in and the overall tone of the film. Usually, I like to sit with the director and go over my character. See what they envisioned. What are her personality traits, what problem she’s dealing with and needing to overcome. I like to brainstorm with the Director also and throw in things I think she would like to do, wear, watch, so on and see if we’re on the same page. If so, I then go about it based on that character development meeting. I don’t like to look at too much of the script when I’m dealing with a character evaluation and breakdown, because no human can be defined by words or movements printed on paper – if that makes sense. 

From your photos and stills on your website it looks like you have done a nice variety of types of characters.  Is there any type of character you would like to take on that you have not done yet?
I would absolutely LOVE to do a period piece. Something like “Gone With the Wind”, or anything set between 1920s-1950s. I believe it would be the most fun, yet the most challenging. Which is the perfect mix!

Have you had a favorite/most memorable moment so far in your career?
When I first started out, I did a lot of extra work. Not having the money to afford class after class, you can still get on a set – get some money – and learn as much as you can just by watching how people do things. I remember working on ‘Whip It’, Drew Barrymore’s directorial debut. I can not tell you how much I learned on her set, not to mention she is one of the sweetest people this industry has ever seen. That woman knows her stuff! Watching her run around and bust her butt, while doing work and making it a wonderful time for everyone involved. She really cares for everyone, and lets you in on what she’s doing and how it’s going to be done. Watching her work, and learning from it on that set was wonderful. Everyone had an amazing time, and I know I learned a lot.

How can fans get their hands the films that you have worked on?
Keep an eye on ! I will update and post links as they become available!
What current projects do you have in the pipeline?
I’m in talks with a couple different people for a couple different things. Wrestling legend Nikita Berznikov is a dear friend of mine, and at the moment he is working on pre-production for a dark comedy he wrote and we will get to work together on. Outside of that, there are a couple things I can’t delve into too much – but, will keep you posted when I’m able to give word!

What were your favorite types of movies growing up?
I honestly don’t remember watching too many movies growing up. I watched a lot of TV. Primarily it was ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’. Everyone was watching ‘Buffy’ when I was growing up. When I did really get into films, I have and still do love classic Hollywood. The 30s through the 50s, little into early 60s. I love films like ‘Some Like It Hot’, and ‘Gone With the Wind’. Back a little further, I really love Buster Keaton’s work, as well as Charlie Chaplin. Now, TV stays on Turner Classic Movies.

If you could work with any actor and or director living or dead who would you choose?
Lucille Ball. She is my inspiration in this industry. From being kicked out of her drama school and being told to just go home and have babies because she wouldn’t ever be anybody, to being the Queen of Comedy to this day – she is a true testament to making it for yourself regardless of what others have to say or do about it. Not to mention her talent will always be inimitable. It would have been my dream to work with and learn from her.

Is there anything else you would like to add?
Thank you so much for the interview! I really enjoyed it!
Thank you again for your time April.  
Below are some photos of April and a clip from The Rivers Forever.

Be sure to visit April online at her official website – and follow her on Twitter@aprilwashko
Photos taken by Wayne Bibbs and Lori Esterline 
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