BANG BANG ECHE Singer Releases Solo Album Under TEEN FORTRESS Moniker

Zach Doney, frontman for Bang Bang Eche, has surprised the world with a solo album under the moniker Teen Fortress just as the quartet is entering the studio to record its full-length debut. 

The Teen Fortress album, called Learning (Everything Has To End For Some Reason I Don’t Believe It), is available as a free download at

Here is what Zach had to say about the new album:
For about one year, for some reason, I couldn’t write any songs at all and then we went on a big tour of Europe and shit and slept on heaps of people’s floors. I came back earlier than Charlie and T’Nealle and when I got here I started working on the BBE album. The more I did that the more I kept getting side-tracked by these other songs. Instead of binning them, I took them to their conclusions and those conclusions are what you hear on Learning (Everything Has To End For Some Reason I Don’t Believe It).
This piece of advice came to me from Golden Axe via Disasteradio: “Step one: Get it done. Step two: You’re done.” I heard that then I wrote an album and mastered the shit out of it.
I did the songs as fast as I could with as little explicit introspection as possible. I did everything from dropping the mic at the end of “Touring” to drawing my best Día de los Muertos skull on the artwork. I mixed and mastered it and then I put it on the internet and opened the doors wide.  I wrote these ten songs so fast that I hardly even know how to play them.
Two of the songs are ideas that I’ve had for ages. One of the songs is about two years old. It’s obvious to me which song that is but I think it fits on the album pretty well.
I’ve been describing this release as the songs I needed to write to write the BBE album.
Bang Bang Eche has already begun recording songs for their full-length debut in the group’s hometown of Christchurch, New Zealand.  This record will follow the band’s two successful self-released EPs, Bang! Bang! Eche! (2008) and Sonic Death Cuntttt (2009).

For those of you not familiar with the band, here is their song You And Me As Thick As Thieves:
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