Sundance 2011: SUPERHEROES Clip

Here’s a clip from Superhereos the documentary directed by Michael Barnett, which is currently premiering at the Sundance Film Festival.

Superherores follows the lives of some of our country’s most famous true-life superheroes. The following clip introduces a crime-fighting quartet known as the New York Initiative, a group of four Brooklyn-based vigilantes. Imagine a real-life Fantastic Four, minus the superpowers.
Check out the clip below and share your thoughts!
The film takes a look at what inspires these people to put their lives on the line and take the law into their own hands to protect the innocent. Believe it or not, there are currently 300 registered (possibly more unregistered) superheroes living in the United States. 
I am amazed that there are really that many people registered as superheros. I did not even know there was a place to become a registered superhero. This doc could be this years Exit Through The Gift Shop! I am looking forward to seeing this film, how about you?

Source: MTV

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