Batman Art by Greg Capullo is Epic

This Batman Art by Greg Capullo are simply amazing. Batman and The Joker are two of my favorite superheroes from DC Comics. Capullo is a comic book artist for DC Comics, and has worked on projects for Spawn, X-Force, The Creech and art for World of Warcraft. I love the colors used on these comic book designs. Greg’s Batman art gives us a creepy look into the world of the Dark Knight. Keep reading to check out the epic art.

Check out the Batman art below:

batman-art-gregcapullo1 batman-art-gregcapullo3 batman-art-gregcapullo4 batman-art-gregcapullo5 batman-art-gregcapullo6 batman-art-gregcapullo7 batman-art-gregcapullo9

What do you think of the Batman art?

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Jim Napier

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