LAST MAN STANDING Tribute Art by Rocio Garcia

We love this Last Man Standing tribute art. For those of you who don’t know, LAST MAN STANDING: KILLBOOK OF A BOUNTY HUNTER is a 2010 graphic novel series by Dan Luvisi set 600 years in Earth’s future. They’re some wicked art, space apes, naked lady robots, guitar guns, afros, sharkmen, and electric swords. Basically anything a red-blooded American mammal could ask for. Artist Rocio Garcia whipped up some fun pinups for the various characters, and we’ve got em’ thanks to XombieDirge.

Check out the Last Man Standing tribute art:

noa1-388x550 lucy1-388x550 jawesome-388x550 dante-388x550 daisy-388x550 alice

See more of Rocio Garcia’s art at his website, and learn more about Last Man Standing at Dan Luvisi Art.

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