Steampunk Meets STAR WARS With This AT-AT Sculpture

Steampunk meets Star Wars with this awesome AT-AT sculpture called “Captain Bayley’s Infernal Mechano-Perambulator.” Designed by Mark aka Captain Bayley as an engagement gift his fiancee Caroline. That is one luck fiancee if you ask me! I would love to have a cool sculpture made for me. Steampunk culture is so fascinating to me. That coupled with the fact that I love everything Star Wars makes this extra special. Keep reading to check out more photos of sculpture.

steampunk-at-at3 steampunk-at-at6 steampunk-at-at5 steampunk-at-at4 steampunk-at-at

View more photos of this Steampunk AT-AT sculpture in Cpt. Bayley’s Flickr.

Source: io9

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