Homemade IRON MAN Suit

This homemade Iron Man suit is super realistic. Built by 17-year-old Archie Whitehead from the United Kingdom the suit is one of the most realistic creations I have seen. Archie was inspired by a fiberglass suit he saw that someone built in the U.S., and felt compelled to build his own. At first glance this suit looks as realistic as any of the suits in the film. The suit was crafted out of foam, which made it easy to shape and fairly inexpensive to make. The helmet is the only part of the costume made out of fiberglass, and incidentally took the longest to build. The whole suit took four months to make and about $500.

Check out the awesome homemade Iron Man suit and below:

irondiy5 irondiy4 irondiy3 irondiy2 irondiy6

See all of the homemade Iron Man suit photos at Mashable and even more pictures on Imgur.

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