Superfan Builds Batcave Home Theater in Basement

Imagine building a secret Batcave home theater in your basement full of geeky awesomeness. Chris Weir can actually say the lines “I am Batman”and mean it. He spent over $120,000 on one of the coolest home theater setups I have ever seen.

Here is a description of the Batcave Home Theater from the video:

A home cinema inside the bat cave features a huge 100-inch TV screen where Chris watches Batman movies, shows and cartoons with wife Joanna, 36, and sons Zachary, 9 and Daniel, 13.

There’s also rows of cinema seats for guests, table football, and even a functioning bar. Chris, from Middletown, Delaware, said: “I wanted the room to look like something Batman himself would operate in, but its all for entertainment purposes.

batcave-home-theater1 batcave-home-theater3

What do you think of the Batcave home theater?

Source – Geekologie

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