GAME OF THRONES 3D Pixelated Figurines give the show a new Dimension

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Game of Thrones is returning to TV in a matter of days, so now is the perfect time to share these Game of Thrones 3D pixelated figures. These figurines may be mini, but they make up for their small stature with tons of awesome.

The mini figures were created using LeBlox, a mini 3D pixel app and French design website Fubiz. Keep reading to check out these awesome Game of Thrones 3D pixelated figures. 

game_of_thrones_characters_pixelated2Arya Stark

game_of_thrones_characters_pixelated3Cersei Lannister

game_of_thrones_characters_pixelated4Catelyn Stark

game_of_thrones_characters_pixelated5Daenerys Targaryen 

game_of_thrones_characters_pixelated6Joffrey Baratheon

game_of_thrones_characters_pixelated7Jon Snow

game_of_thrones_characters_pixelated8Khal Drogo

game_of_thrones_characters_pixelated9Lannister Family

game_of_thrones_characters_pixelated10Rob Stark

game_of_thrones_characters_pixelated11Sansa Stark

game_of_thrones_characters_pixelated12Tyrion and Bron

I like all of the characters on the show (aside from Joffrey), but Tyrion is my favorite of these figures.

Which is your favorite Game of Thrones 3D pixelated figure?

Source: Design Taxi

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