GAME OF THRONES Season 5 Episode One Storyline (SPOILERS)

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HBO premiered the first episode of the fifth season of the TV phenomena Game of Thrones in London last Wednesday and it is garnering nothing but all positive reviews. Here is a complete storyline for all the characters that are present in the premiere. A word of caution, though. It is spoiler-heavy, so anyone complaining about spoilers later on shall be passed on to Littlefinger for free “flying” lessons. Buckle up!

Game of Thrones SPOILERS ahead, you have been warned

Cersei and Jaime

The creators are finally giving in to their flashback rule. The episode itself starts with a very young Cersei who is talking to Maggy (also young). Cut to present the day, she is in King’s Landing at Tywin’s funeral. There she is seen with Jaime and Kevan and Lancel Lannister, who is now a sparrow.

Tyrion and Varys

Tyrion and Varys arrive at Pentos, with Varys being a full Daenerys supporter (as expected from the trailers). Illyrio is yet to be seen and Varys and Tyrion have a discussion ranging from Robert’s Rebellion to Ned Stark, and he implies that the 7 Kingdoms might be better of by bringing Dany to Westeros. Seems the season is gonna be pretty interesting if we ever reach that point.

Jon, Melisandre and All Things Stannis

Stannis wants to use the wildlings army to take back The North from the Boltons. Stannis asks Jon to compel Mance Rayder to bend the knee. Mance denies and they have a long chit chat about politics, men, laws, but he never gives up. Stannis then sacrifices Mance (yep, burns him alive). Seeing his pain, Jon shoots an arrow into Mance, essentially ruining Melisandre’s ritual/sacrifice for good. Melisandre and Jon have a small talk. Nothing important, but she asks him if he was a virgin. Jon replies “No”. Ooh.


Sansa, Petyr, Brienne and Podrick

Brienne and Pod are in seen in sad and deep confusion. Sansa and Petyr are out of the rocky mountains of Vale into plain fields. Littlefinger and Sansa are watching Robin Arryn train/sword fight against a young boy, but he gets thrown into the dirt. And it seems Littlefinger is leaving Robin behind and taking Sansa away. He explains to her that he is taking her away from Cersei? We will have to get to the second or third episode to see what that means.

Dany and Dragons

As we cut to Meereen, an unsullied soldier is seen cut out the Harpy statue. He is later killed by the Sons of The Harpy as he goes to a brothel in Meereen. This whole situation leaves Missandei and Grey Worm perplexed as to why a eunuch unsullied would want to visit a brothel. Dany goes to the Catacombs to see her baby dragons who are no longer her babies. Rhaegal spits out a huge ball of fire and Viserion is no less violent. Cut to a bed scene with Dany and Daario – Dany is disappointed that she can’t call herself a dragon queen when her dragons are not in her control. Also, Daario advises Dany to send the two locked up dragons to Astapor to scare the rebels. We, as viewers, will be left confused as to how that makes sense since the dragons are not listening to anyone.

Sorry, that’s all we will be getting in the first episode. If you are anything like me, you are pretty much baffled by the fact that there was no Arya! And despite Dorne being a huge promotion this season, it does not have any screen time in the first episode. Characters and storylines still missing are Theon/Ramsay and, of course, the Greyjoys.In the meantime if you can’t wait for some Game of Thrones action then check out the slot game here and take advantage of some of the free spins to immerse yourself into the world whilst you wait for the release of the new series!

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