Agents of Geek TV – Issue 9 – Chikara

Mike Sangregorio takes a special look at the amazing live show and fan experience that is Chikara pro wrestling, an American lucha libre show with heavy comic book influences in character and story. Get an inside look from fans and a few members of their outlandish roster. There is a Chikara video game, mobile app and even a Chikara movie.


chikara-logo“The Ashes of CHIKARA” is a cinematic experience unlike anything ever attempted in pro-wrestling. With CHIKARA dismantled and its stars scattered to the wind, the most unlikely hero emerges to reunite not just a team or organization – but a family. Can the men that once fought for everything positive and uplifting in professional wrestling pick up the pieces before it’s too late? Or will their long histories and personal rivalries extinguish the final dying embers of hope?

Pre-Order this HD, DRM Free MP4 Download and get access at one minute after midnight on May 8th, 2014 – one full day ahead of the official worldwide release on May 9, 2014. Just log into your account and choose “Your Downloadable Files” to download on the 8th and be one of the first to own “The Ashes of CHIKARA.”

For more information, go to to find out how you can see them live or on DVD.

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Jim Napier

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